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How to Design Banner Artwork for your Company

Designing your own banner artwork for your company, trade show, or convention can be a daunting task, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily all you have to do is create the artwork and Outstanding Banners does the rest. All you have to do is go to our retractable banner page, add to cart, and then click create. At this point you will be able to import an image. Outstanding banners makes everything simple for you by providing banner tips on how to design your banner and provding a simple customizable banner feature on our website.

7 Professional Design Tips for your Roll up or Retractable Banner 

Everyone passing by your banner will see it. For this reason designing the artwork of your banner is important and should be done right. By following these banner design tips below your role up or retractable banner becomes an eye-catching piece for your business.

  • Place logo at or near the top of your banner. Also place your website on your banner either below your logo or the bottom of your banner. 
  • Have content displayed from left to right. Content display from left to right is much easier to read then content centered. 
  • Use high quality for product images 300 dpi saved as CMYK ready for print.
  • Use contrasting colors. Background should be light colored with a dark colored text, or light text on a dark background.
  • Don’t include specific dates.
  • Use the customizable feature supplied by the banner stand manufacturer.

Find out where the banner will be placed for optimal design features. Are people going to view the banner from 6 feet away or 15 feet away? Is it going to be displayed in your office or at a trade show? Knowing where your banner is going to be displaced and understanding your target market helps tremendously when designing your artwork.

What Font Sizes, Styles, File Formats to use when Designing your Artwork for your Banner?

To enhance readability and look of your banner artwork the correct typography should be in place. The recommendation for font use on banner artwork are:

  • Clear and simple fonts
  • Arial and other non-serif fonts 
  • Helvetica or Future makes the copy easier to read quickly
  • Don’t use Times New Roman or serif fonts
  • Italic and serif fonts are difficult to read

Font sizes for titles should be between 150 to 300, or 2 to 3 inch letters.  The copy No less than 36 point. Remember to always use line spacing and white space to make your copy stand out.

What file should Images and your Logo be on your Retractable Banner?

The best file formats to use when creating artwork for your banner are vector files created in illustrator and saving in formats to allow resizing without loss of quality. Photoshop, Paint and other graphic software’s use raster images, these types of images do not scale well. Rastered images close up sometimes look pixelated. Other file formats to use for artwork are:

  • PDF. Files created in illustrator or InDesign look great in PDF format
  • TIFF. At 150 dpi for image and 300 dpi for text TIFF format maintain a high resolution 
  • JPG are a lower quality format, often times used in PowerPoint and word. When fonts are involved JPG formats becomes distorted.
  • GIF is not recommended for print due to its limiting colors.For help on designing your own artwork contact our banner graphic designers.
For help on designing your own artwork contact our banner graphic designers.

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