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Retractable Banner Stands Creating Head-Turning--Eye Catching--Mouth Wateringly--Beautiful Displays, Getting Your Business Noticed and Products Sold

Why be ordinary-- lost in the crowd, wishing you could have sold more, wishing you could have been anything but another booth to walk by-- when you can be OUTSTANDING with a Banner Bug Retractable Banner Stand. When you need to stand out in the crowd-- at trade shows, conferences, lobbies, or anywhere else where an advertisement can be seen-- Banner Bug is the premier choice. If you are in business, be it a fully functioning company or a hobbyist taking your products trade show to trade show, you know to sell like a Fortune 500 company, you must portray yourself as such. At Outstanding Banners and Stands we sell nothing short of banners depicting our clients as professional, with eye catching banners as a MUST SEE. From simple, sleek and noticeable to full, VIBRANT COLOR and head-turning graphics, our banner designers will get you the attention you want at every event.

You say you want a simple to assemble display perfect for indoor and outdoor use? Well we can help you with our double-sided Banner Bugs. Available in several sizes your business will be noticed form multiple directions.

Banner Bug Retractable Stands

You say you want a versatile display worthy of second looks? Well, Outstanding Banners can help. Use several Banner Bugs to create one large, multi-piece display. Perfect for lobbies of any kind, your vibrantly colored and expertly designed multi-piece display will get a second, third, and even fourth look. 

You say you want a banner which will last not only in durability, but in design for repeat use with the same advertising affect? Outstanding Banners would never deliver anything less than the best display meeting your needs. From the desk bug, a wee little bug getting your message seen anywhere, to the giant bug and even larger to the enormous bug, measuring 114” x 88”, you can be sure your message and business name is being seen by all passersby and making the best possible impression.

Don’t be ordinary when you can be extraordinary, or even better yet, OUTSTANDING. Order your Banner Bug Retractable Stand today!

Contact our Banner Bug experts today for any questions regarding our stands or special specifications regarding your custom banner design.




Banner Bug Set Up Video

Banner Bug Set Up Guide

Banner Bugs are simple to assemble, set up yours in just 4 easy steps!

How-To Instructions: Setting Up Your Banner Bug Retractable Banner Stand

Banner Bug Set Up Instructions

Step 1: To set up the base and folded support rod of your Banner Bug Stand, remove them from the included Banner Bug Bag.

Banner Bug Retractable Stand Set Up Guide

Step 2: Straighten out the support rod so it becomes one long pole. Insert the bottom portion of the support rod (the end of the rod that becomes narrower and has a noticeable aluminum ring around it) into the corresponding opening located at the base of the Banner Bug stand.

Banner Bug Stand Set Up Guide

Step 3: Once you have the base and support rod set up, gently raise the banner up from the retractable base until it is the same height as the support rod.

Step 4: To finish the set-up process, simply insert the black plastic hook (attached to the top rail) into the top of the pole.

Note: For those who prefer a shorter banner stand, leave the top portion of the support rod hanging down and attach your banner to the second highest support rod instead (Insert the black plastic hook connected to the top rail into the top part of the second highest support rod).

After this quick set-up, your banner or trade show booth will immediately draw attention from the crowd!

Banner Bug Bag

Banner Bug Bags

We know transporting a large banner from location to location can be difficult without proper equipment. All of our Banner Bug stands come with a free nylon carrying case to make transportation a breeze! Sturdy and lightweight, you no longer have to worry about your sign or equipment getting separated or wrinkled during transportation. Everything about the Banner Bug is easy-- assembly, take down, transportation, and storage. Simply slip the Banner Bug stand and banner into its carrying bag when you are finished displaying it, sling it over your shoulder and go! Leave it in its carrying bag for convenient storage.

Banner Bug Graphic Replacement

Banner Bug Carrying CaseWith durable retractable banner stands that last years (if not a lifetime), eventually you will need new banners featuring updated graphics. When you’re ready for a new banner fitting your Banner Bug stand and meeting your marketing needs, simply call Outstanding Banners and Stands. Our skilled graphic designers will create a new banner brining your design ideas to life.

Outstanding Banners and Stands’ banner designers have been producing high quality graphics for over 10 years. We use our vast experience to consistently produce the best graphics for your company and marketing needs. From internationally recognized corporations to small family owned businesses and one person stores traveling trade show to trade show, our hardworking team of graphic design professionals will provide you with top quality banners guaranteed to last years and consistently catching the attention of your target market. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations, ensuring your transaction is a great one.

Banner Bug Retractable Stand

Banner Bug Artwork Specs

With a multitude of different Banner Bug sizes and styles to choose from, it is important to consider the bleed size. For all models, from the Desk Bug to the 72” Bug, we recommend a 1.19” (30mm) top bleed and a 7.875” (200mm) bottom bleed. The top and bottom bleeds will not interfere with your colorful, attention grabbing graphics! The top bleed is folded to create a pocket, and the bottom bleed is applied to the holding mechanism inside the unit itself. No matter what size Banner Bug you choose, there is ample space for the message you want conveyed to your audience. With Outstanding Banners and Stands, your exhibit or booth will be bright, colorful, and professional.

Banner Bug Graphic Replacement Instructions

When the time comes to change out the banner graphics, Banner Bug stands make it easy!

  • Start by removing the pin, and completely releasing the graphic panel from the base.
  • Once the graphic panel is removed, this will expose the PVC tongue and graphic join.
  • When the hole on the roller lines up with the hole in the end cap, replace the pin.
  • Carefully remove the existing graphic panel from the PVC tongue.
  • Add about 20mm of tape to the base of the new graphic panel.
  • Place the new graphic in the same position, but do not remove the tape backing yet.
  • Slide the top rail off the old graphics panel, and remove the grey PVC strip from the print.
  • Add .63” of hook tape to the top of the new graphic panel, and apply the grey PVC strip.
  • Fold the top bleed of the new graphic backwards one time, and then slide it carefully into the rail. The black clip should be facing up.
  • Finally, remove the holding pin from the side of the system, and carefully guide the new graphic into the unit.

Your new banner is now ready to be displayed!

Banner Bug Re-Tensioning Instructions

If you need to re-tension your banner, Banner Bug makes it easy! There are 5 simple steps to get your banner back in perfect shape.

1.  With the Banner Bug system facing you, remove the left end cap with a Philips screwdriver to expose the reel.

2.  Place the pin into the right side end cap. Rotate the reel until the hole in the reel lines up with the hole in the end cap. Use the Allen key to stop the reel from spinning.

3.  Take the left side end plate, and position it onto the system so the flat metal bar of the reel sticks out from the slot in the end cap. Use a vise grip on the flat bar.

4.  Use the vice grips to rotate the flat bar clockwise. The size of your banner will determine how many rotations are needed. View the table below to see the number of turns required for your banner.

5.  Finally, replace the screws in the left hand end cap.

Rotation Table:



# of Turns

     Desk Bug    
  8.69” (220mm) 
     Baby Bug    
  22.81” (580mm)  
     33” Bug    
  33.44” (850mm) 
     39” Bug    
  39.375” (1000mm) 
     47” Bug    
  47.25” (1200mm) 
     59” Bug    
  59.17” (1500mm) 
     72” Bug    
  72.75” (1800mm) 
     72” Bug    
  39.375” (1000mm) 

Banner Bug Warranty

Drytac is so confident in the quality workmanship and superior materials put into all Banner Bug Stands, they are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. This warranty excludes damage due to wear and tear or deliberate misuse and abuse. At their discretion, Banner Bug will repair or replace unsatisfactory products at no charge to you. Contact a Drytac representative with any questions or concerns regarding your Banner Bug stand.

Banner Bug Hardware

Contact our Banner and Stand Company if your Banner Bug question was not answered above.

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