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Simple Tips on How to Clean your Polyester or Vinyl Banner

How to Clean Polyester Banners vs Vinyl

Banners are almost always in use unless there are stored away. Cleaning your banner before storing is highly recommend. If the banner is almost never stored, cleaning your banner every 1-3 months is reasonable. If your wondering what type of material is better, read what type of banner material is right for you?

Cleaning your Vinyl Banner

The simplest way to quickly clean your vinyl banner is to use water and mild detergent. Steam cleaning is another method of cleaning banners.

How to steam clean your Vinyl Banner.

  • Start from the top and work your way down
  • If material is becoming wet, hold the attachment farther away.
  • Always read instructions as steam cleaners get very hot.

Cleaning vinyl or polyester banners for your next event.

Cleaning your Polyester Banner

Many dye sublimation banners can be washed within a washer machine. Be sure to use permanent press cycle with cold water and all-purpose detergent. It is also highly recommended to not dry your banner in the dryer, only hang dry, this will prevent shrinkage and keep the color of your polyester banner.

If you can’t fit the banner in the washer machine, then you must manually wash your banner. Hanging the banner makes it easier to wash by hand. Another approach is to use a large tub or barrel. Each method is dependent on detergent to fight against grease. Polyester banner are specifically made to be outdoors. For this reason, the banners gather dirt and grease under harsh weather conditions. Washing your banner frequently keeps the shine and maintains the quality of your banner.

Spot Cleaning your Banner

Spot cleaning is a simple and use full method to clean your banner quickly. It involves using any means to quickly scrub over your banner. This includes using a sponge, towel, broom to brush off material from gusty winds, or a hose to water it down. Spot cleaning is used to clean both vinyl and polyester banners.

Should I Iron my Polyester or Vinyl Banner?

The safest option to maintain color and quality is to hang dry any type of banner. Drying in a washer machine is the worst method to drying your banner. Expect wrinkles and worn out banner when drying in a washer machine. Polyester banner are the only banners allowed to be ironed. Although we do not recommend ironing your banner, due to the high heat pressing against the banner. An alternative to ironing is steam drying your banner.

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