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Retractable Stand

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Pull-Up Banner Stands

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Banner Bug Retractable Stands
Retractable Banner Bug Stands
Single Sided Banner Bug Retractable Stand
Giant Banner Bug Pull-Up Banner
Double Sided Retractable Banner
Roll Up Banner Stand
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  • Guaranteed free of manufacturing and material defects
  • Rolls compactly into stand base for easy storage
  • Carrying bag included for ease of transportation
  • Roll-up banner, extremely easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Banners can be replaced easily for new advertisement opportunities
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Make the Best First Impression or Advertise a Sale with Outstanding Roll Up Banner Stands

Retractable Banner StandsWhat’s the value of a good first impression, especially one capable of turning a casual passerby into a customer? Short answer: a lot!  Study after study has shown the importance of street-level graphics in promoting special events, sales and corporate branding. Yet, still, many businesses balk at the thought of spending money on signage. If you’re one of them, perhaps a Banner Bug may change your mind. Available in single or double-sided displays, you are sure to find the banner stand perfect for your advertising needs. Choose from a variety of sizes, from the Desk Bug to the Giant Bug and even bigger.

Double Sided Retractable Banners

The double-sided Banner Bug® Stand is a great choice for a bank lobbies, retail stores, or anywhere else you want to catch the gnat-like attention of people coming and going. Let’s start with versatility. Having two sides for messaging lets you target customers on the way in or on the way out of your restaurant or business. Place it in the middle of your store and create a display of products around it, or in your front window so it’s visible from inside and outside your business. Even better, Banner Bugs are perfect for advertising blow out sales. Simply place it outside your store front and watch as the heads turn on passersby from both directions. Why settle for one, though? Cluster two, three, or more together for even greater visual impact. After all, you can’t make a sale until you’ve got their attention.

Stand Out at the Job Fair with a Banner Bug Retractable Display

Employers often wonder how to bring new traffic to their Job Fair booth – and Outstanding Banners has the answer! The double sided Banner Bug is perfect for attracting potential job candidates, catching their attention from every angle. Your competition’s job fair displays don’t have the strength to withstand multiple uses. Our Banner Bug retractable banners come with protective covering cases and last for years. When you’re up against outdated, low quality graphic displays, you’ll be glad you chose Outstanding Banners to design and print your job fair banners. Better yet, you can use your banners for more than just job fair displays, use it in your office or for other events too. There are plenty of uses for your business marketing banners.

Banner Bug displays are ideal advertising tools for:

  • Movie / Cinema Theaters
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Shopping Mall Displays
  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Events
  • And so much more!

Many of our customers prefer the one sided or two sided Banner Bug display for job fairs over other banner options due to its versatility, ease of transportation, and sleek look.

Assembling the Banner Bug is Simple and Quick

Setting up a Banner Bug stand couldn’t be easier. Just mount the support poles onto the base, roll out the banner and attach it to the top rail. View our Banner Bug set up guide or Banner Bug set up video for better instructions. The Banner Bug is light enough to easily move around to different locations inside your business, but stable enough to not topple over the first time someone accidentally bumps into it. Need to change your messaging? Switching out your banner for a new one with different graphics is quick and easy.  

Thanks to a high-quality substrate and UV resistant inks, Banner Bugs resist color fading, wrinkling and tears, so they’ll look great for a long time. We can print yours from artwork you supply, from artwork you create with our online banner designer, or from a design created by our in-house graphic design team. With our extensive experience creating professional-grade graphics, we can develop a design you’ll be proud to display. 

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