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Banner Artwork Upload RequirementsOutstanding Banners and Stands provides the highest quality banners for your marketing needs. Upload your own artwork here, or contact our in-house graphic designers for custom artwork. If you choose to upload your own artwork, your designs must be print-ready artwork. Print-ready artwork is the artwork (design/graphics/message) you want displayed on your banner, prepared according to the required specifications and dimensions outlined below. It is crucial to upload print-ready artwork because colors can vary from computer to computer. Following our specifications will ensure your banner comes out looking as you expect. Please keep in mind, what your artwork looks like printed on an Ink Jet or Laser printer may not look the same when printed at a Printing Press.

Print-Ready Artwork Specifications

Uploaded File:

Artwork must be saved as an .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .PDF, high resolution .JPEG or .TIFF file. .JPG files should be submitted at 100dpi, the industry standard for banners, and at no more than a 10 quality setting. Your file size needs to be the exact size, in inches, of the banner you are ordering. For example, if you are ordering a 4’x6’ banner, your file size should be 48”x72”. Add 1/8” per side if bleeds are desired.


Bleeds simply mean the color of your artwork goes off the page. This ensures your banner looks perfect after it is trimmed. If you do not prepare your artwork for bleeds, there is a chance white edges will show at the borders. If you would like your design to have bleeds, set your document size to 1/8” larger on each side and open all color and/or images which do bleed to the edge, please do not add crop marks. Bleeds are highly recommended for artwork created in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Photo-Paint. 

Color Workspace:

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) are the colors used in our printing process. RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) are the colors used by screen displays like your monitor. The color workspace for your artwork must be set to CMYK. If your computer settings are not changed to accommodate this color mode, your banner colors may come out looking different than you expected. CMYK mode cannot reproduce the bright values depicted on your computer screen. If your artwork contains blue, make sure the cyan and magenta colors are at least 30% apart in values. This will keep your blue from looking purple when printed.


Fonts must be outlined or curved. Converting your text to curves (paths) ensures all upload errors resulting from non-embedded fonts will be fixed.

Converting fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator:

1. Select all text

2. Click Type Menu, then Type, then Create Outlines

3. Text will now have a blue outline

4. Save a copy and re-upload


Fonts and images created as a PDF should be embedded. If you are submitting a file as a PDF, we recommend creating the PDF with a recent version of an Adobe product. Many other programs which generate PDFs do not have the capabilities to embed fonts and images.


For the best printing results, your images should be saved at approximately 300-dpi at 100% output size. Keep in mind, shrinking an image will increase its resolution. If you captured an image at 600 x 900 pixels, it will have a 150-dpi at 4”X6”. It can however, be printed at 300-dpi, shrinking the dimensions on your product to 2”X3”. 

Images from digital cameras, scanners, and the web

When using images from a digital camera or scanner, make sure their settings are set at a high enough resolution to result in 300-dpi. After a picture is taken, the resolution can only be increased by reducing its printed dimensions after uploading the image. Keep in mind, cropping your picture will reduce the number of pixels in your final image. If the scanned image has less dpi than required or is smaller than the recommended size, try rescanning you’re original image at a higher resolution or use the image for a smaller printed area. Images on the internet generally have a resolution of 72-dpi, much too low for quality printing results. Further, we do not recommend the use of images from the web because most images are protected by copyright laws.

Outstanding Banners and Stands does our best to proofread uploaded artwork prior to printing. However, we are not responsible for artwork containing typos, missing graphics, transparencies, or incorrect layouts. We are also not responsible if your print does not match, in color, previous prints done by other printing companies. It is your sole responsibility to ensure uploaded artwork is accurate and meets all specified print-ready artwork requirements.

Contact our Banner Designers if you have questions regarding our upload artwork requirements.
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